Month: April 2016

Japanese Chef Knives – What are Best

Probably the most notable facets of Japanese chef knives is always that they're built from the best steel materials available. In recent occasions, Japanese chef knives happen to be growing in recognition among professional chefs trying to achieve high standards of excellence in preparing food tasks due to their cutting ability, sharpness and swiftness. For the reason that of the that lots of chefs, housewives and business owners today choose to purchase Japanese chef knives as a fantastic option towards the pricier European chef knives. For any great group of Japanese chef knives that are handcrafted and popularly utilized in restaurants and hotels around the world, you are very likely to invest between $68-80 which will allow you to savor both fine durability and quality. The paring k...

How Brooklyn Chef Brings Raw Foods to Existence

Brooklyn chef Neal Harden has a love for raw, plant-based cuisine that's natural and that he brings that keenness to his mind chef position at Maimonides of Brooklyn (also referred to as M.O.B.). Supporting healthy lifestyles and community food economies, his focus is on developing scrumptious meals using fresh, organic, and bio-dynamic food from local providers. Using more than ten experience and education within the cooking, Chef Neal focuses on raw foods, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, healing and whole-foods, and gluten-free cooking. But, why is his vegetarian cooking so not the same as the other restaurants serve? Together with his focus standing on vegetables and fruit and never meat substitutes, his cuisine is delectable enough to strike an electric cord with traditional carnivore...