A Peek of the Bartenders’Secrets

Do you know that bartenders have secrets? That is right, aside from serving drinks and being exceptional talkers, bartenders have things most customers don’t know yet. But of course, this does not mean they won’t tell if you poke on them. Are you interested?

Check out these interesting secrets of the bartenders:

They are the most intelligent spender

  • Don’t just shell out your money for drinks others are ordering. It is best to know what comprises that drink so that you will know as well if they are worth your hard earned money. You can befriend a bartender and ask them about the recipe of a certain drink.

They always try their best for their customers

  • They religiously follow the principle that customers are always right. If there are times when they think they are really wrong, they just divert their focus to other things. Another thing that most bartenders are so keen about is to make sure that every customer of theirs will always have a good time.

They love to offer their skills to them

  • If by chance some customers will just order ‘something special’, this is the time they will show how skilled they are in coming to a really special drink. With their skills, they can come up with drinks they will surely enjoy.

The essentials of a home bar

  • If you are setting up a home bar for the first time and you want to be sure that you have everything for your potential guests, you don’t need to buy one for each kind as that means you also need a really huge and spacious home bar. What you just need to make sure is to have a vodka and whiskey. You can go for bourbon or a rye as they are the basics.

Bartenders can also play cupid

  • That is right, if you are eyeing someone who is alone, the bartender is the best person to help. You can him to prepare a drink for the lady though of course, you also need to ask the bartender if it’s okay to do so. Bartenders are quite sensitive and they can easily feel if someone wants to be alone or it’s a great time to make a move.

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