How Brooklyn Chef Brings Raw Foods to Existence

Brooklyn chef Neal Harden has a love for raw, plant-based cuisine that’s natural and that he brings that keenness to his mind chef position at Maimonides of Brooklyn (also referred to as M.O.B.). Supporting healthy lifestyles and community food economies, his focus is on developing scrumptious meals using fresh, organic, and bio-dynamic food from local providers.

Using more than ten experience and education within the cooking, Chef Neal focuses on raw foods, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, healing and whole-foods, and gluten-free cooking. But, why is his vegetarian cooking so not the same as the other restaurants serve? Together with his focus standing on vegetables and fruit and never meat substitutes, his cuisine is delectable enough to strike an electric cord with traditional carnivores too. Instead of counting on soy powders, he makes use of real, fresh ingredients from local markets. Based on Chef Neal at M.O.B., “we source what we should can in your area, meaning green house lettuce along with a heap of taters and beets around March. We’ve got some set menu products but leave room for periodic changes therefore we may use ephemeral ingredients without feeling limited.”

Chef Neal and M.O.B. uses and sells in your area created products like honey and walnut syrup. Additionally they use organic items like flour, soy, corn, along with other ingredients with everything else being non-GMO (Genetically Modified Microorganisms). They can provide gluten-free bread upon request. Chef Neal has recreated traditional brunch flavors in lots of creative ways, explaining, “We create a biscuit sandwich with tomato, avocado and smoked, thinly sliced, marinated eggplant that provides the smoky experience of bacon spicy, coarse Cayuga Pure Organics grits with shiitake mushroom sauce and kale as well as an apple wood-smoked sausage with chickpea flour, shiitake mushroom and white-colored yams. The potato is reduce pieces to resemble items of fat. It is extremely aesthetic and textural.”

Chef Neal was attracted to Maimonides of Brooklyn due to their core premise that “no disease that may be treated by diet ought to be given every other means.” It is exactly what they make an effort to do: bring people together by looking into making food “medicine” for your system and soul.