The Different Uses for Different Kinds of Ice

There are several different shapes and structures that can be produced by different ice machines. Certain ice machines produce one kind of ice, and you need to decide which type of machine you need for your business. Other machines can actually produce multiple kinds of ice that can help you in many different contexts. The basic differences involve the size of the ice as well as the individual structure of the ice.

Structure of the Ice

When water freezes, it forms crystals that actually cause the water to expand as it freezes. The speed with which it freezes can affect the way the crystals form. For example, if you have ever tried to refreeze melted ice cream, you see how crystals can form when it freezes slowly. The same is true of ice cubes. In some cases, granular ice is great because it is easier to chew and re-shape. So, if you are using the ice for champagne bottles, cooling down fresh food, or keeping drinks cold, you might want small granular pieces of ice. They have more surface area for their size, which allows them to cool items much faster.

Also, small granular pieces of ice will form closely around whatever you place in them. Since they are small, they will fit closer to the fish, fruit, bottle, or whatever you are trying to keep cold. Furthermore, the ice on the surface tends to melt and as the water flows downward, it re-freezes, which helps it to form even closer around the item. If you’re looking for an ice machine in Perth that forms small, granular pieces of ice, you should look for a great supplier. However, some people want bigger cubes.

Large Cubes

Large ice cubes are useful as well. They are not as useful for storing fresh food on display, but they’re great for cooling down liquids. Large ice cubes have a lot of surface area, but since they are dense and large, they will not melt quickly. In fact, the larger the ice cubes, the slower they will melt. That’s why many artisan pubs are moving to very large ice cubes for their drinks. If you need to keep drinks cold, you should consider ice machines that produce large ice cubes with solid crystalline structures.

They will have a lot of surface area to keep your drinks cool. It’s one of the most useful and diverse types of ice cube. Large ice cubes can be used for just about any purpose you need. Many businesses buy machines that only produce large cubes; they break them into smaller fragments with a hammer if they need smaller fragments of ice. It’s not quite as effective as a machine that produces tiny flakes, but it can be a useful measure. These are just a few of the ice machine considerations.